About Arch

Arch Communications, Inc. is a veteran and family owned, Missouri based company serving the St. Louis area. Founder and CEO, David Brandstetter, a graduate of Washington University, launched Arch Communications, Inc. in 1985. It has been in the same location for over 33 years, servicing customers throughout the Midwest.

Voip Phone System

A commitment to providing quality equipment and quality technicians has earned Arch Communications awards from the Small Business Monthly Magazine as, “One of the best telecommunication companies servicing the Greater St. Louis area.”

Arch Communications is dedicated to helping local businesses advance even further into the 21st century by connecting their IoT devices to their business through their phone system. This allows voice mail messages and live calls to be forwarded to Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, Apple Watches, etc. While you are on the move, your business will move with you!


We offer a wide variety of phone systems and other services:

  • Business Telephone Service
  • Business Internet Service
  • Answering Service
  • Paging Service
  • Voicemail Services
  • Home Services


Call us TODAY at 314-645-8000 for more information.